If you are a foreign company and looking for an opportunity to establish an office or even a sales presence in Japan, Sigmatech would like to help you get started.
Sigmatech has 20 years of experience in the unique incubation business and has technical expertise with more than 30 years of experience in the Semiconductor, Communication and Computer fields.

Our business outline is as follows:

1) Market Research

+ Semiconductor Products, Materials and Technology
+ Communication Products
+ Electronic Products

2) Consulting and Management Services

+ Complete Marketing Services
+ Establish Japanese Office and Office Management Services
+ Total Management of Japanese Operation Services

We will provide up-to-date market information for your products and/or services in Japan, including:

+ Size of the current market
+ Forecasts of future conditions
+ Pricing structures
+ Competitive circumstance
+ Technical advantages and weakness of your products compare to competing Japanese and other products (if any)
+ Customer requirements
Objectives: Develop market strategy for penetrating Japanese market.

If you want to start selling your products in Japan, we will provide the following:
+ Selection of key target customers and applications
+ Support to generate sales and business strategy
+ Support to provide application engineer
Objectives: Providing business plan

If you want to establish an office in Japan, we will provide the following:
+ All necessary documents including government required applications, registrations, etc
+ Forecasts of probable expenses for establishing and maintaining an office in Japan
+ Share pertinent office space and staff
+ Sales and marketing
+ Application and technical support
+ General management
Objectives: Direct presence in Japan

If you want us to run your Japanese office, we will provide the following:+ Setting up your subsidiary company as K.K.
+ Setting up your subsidiary company as K.K.
+ Support hiring good sales and engineering staff
+ Limited-term management of the office and operation in close consultation with you
+ Housing arrangements for foreign staff
+ Continue to help smooth operation
Objectives: Direct operation as subsidiary company in Japan

One of the biggest problems in establishing an office in Japan is the high cost of living and doing business here. These include the high costs of labor, housing, and office expenses. Also it is not easy for newcomers to understand Japanese social, legal, and business conditions, which can result in additional wastes of time and money.

Sigmatech can help reduce these necessary expenses and eliminate waste caused by unfamiliarity with Japanese customs, regulations, and business practices. Here is how:

First, we will provide you with a complete market investigation in terms of how your products/services compare with other manufacturers in the Japanese market. Our report will present a fair judgment as to whether it is worthwhile to start your business in Japan.

Then, we will provide you with all needed documentation to establish your company here. This includes applications, proposed sales, and proposed size of company or office.

Of course, all of your operations here will be regulated by the laws of Japan, which are complicated even for Japanese. These government rules and regulations can create some of the largest problems in setting up an office or business in Japan.

Normally, foreign companies have very high initial expenses relative to their beginning sales volume. As a result, many small companies hesitate to establish a presence in Japan even if they have competitive, high technology-based products.

Sigmatech's program will allow you to establish your Japanese operation quickly and smoothly so you will maintain your best business opportunity. This will also keep costs down and provide high efficiency.

We are also available to run your office in Japan for several years until you are ready to take over direct control of the operation. We offer such services as locating office space, hiring competent staff, and providing market research and sales activities. We will provide regular reports to you (in English) of all activities.

Sigmatech is here to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Sigmatech contact: Koh Sasaki at sales(at mark)sigmatech.jp
USA contact:: Steve Tobak at
info(at mark)invisor.net